Barn Supper at Dirt Road Farm


I made sourdough for a gorgeous dinner gathering last week. It was so exciting to be asked to make bread for Phoebe Cole-Smith, the farmer and chef who owns Dirt Road Farm in Weston, CT with her husband Mike Smith. There, they produce maple syrup, keep bees and chickens, and maintain crops of fruits and vegetables that they use brilliantly in the seasonal gatherings that they host. I was delighted and honored to make sourdough for the dinner Phoebe hosted last weekend for Martha Stewart and Dina and Garth Brewster, owners and founders of The Hickories. I hope they enjoyed the bread as a small start to the outstanding dinner that Phoebe made using produce and ingredients from the farm. Seeing her reverence for the earth, knowledge of the natural foods she was preparing, and observance of the season, it all reminded me to pay attention - to detail, to nature, to my community. I'm grateful to have been part of such a special evening. Thank you, Phoebe Cole-Smith.

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Beth Mansfield