Idyllwild Bread is our response to a communal and deeply rooted need for whole, nutritious, delectable, naturally leavened bread. In order to serve our community the best sourdough possible, we prioritize harmony – time, temperature and atmosphere that is attuned to the seasons – and quality, which includes a return to centuries old baking traditions beloved for their simplicity and depth of attention.

Idyllwild Bread honors the ancient ritual of connecting our land to our food. We promote this collective vision of non-industrialized food with our fragrant, rustic, handmade sourdough bread. Our deepest wish is to share our love of restoring bread-making to its original proper practice with those of you who hunger for it.


Spring 2019


Traditional • 8
Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat

Buckwheat, Cherry, Pecan • 11
T85 Wheat, Organic Buckwheat, Tart Cherries, Toasted Pecans

Malted Wheat • 8
90% Whole Wheat Flour: Hard Red Winter and Hard Red Spring Wheat

Rye • 8
Rye Starter, Dark Rye Flour, Molasses, Orange Zest, Crushed Caraway


Alp Blossom Gruyère • 10
Hard red winter wheat, thyme, sea salt, and Austrian Gruyère. Pressed into its rind are edible Alpine herbs and flowers. The entire cheese is used in this popular bread.

Cinnamon + Raisin • 8
With a Cinnamon Sugar Swirl

Sesame + Semolina • 8
Toasted Black and White Sesame, Semolina, Lemon Zest

Bourdon • 10
Hard Red Winter and Hard Red Spring Wheat, Callebaut Dark Chocolate. Named in honor of Richard Bourdon, Owner and Founder of the Berkshire Mountain Bakery


All breads are approximately 800 grams and are made with Organic Artisan Baking Flours, Spring Water, and Sea Salt.

 Flour Certifications: 100% Organic, Kosher / Orthodox Union, Non - GMO, Processed in and AIB (Superior and SQF Certified Mill.)